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This certification could mean the difference between enjoying a satisfying, high-integrity income opportunity, and getting frustrated from having to build everything from the ground up.

If you’re a parent, teacher, librarian, artist, counselor, or coach you may be witnessing teens struggling with their emotions, stress, or social issues. If you’d like to find a way to help them reach their full potential – and be paid well for your time -- please watch this video. We’ve made an affordable online program to help you quickly and efficiently start and grow a meaningful, profitable business that can help young people in your community move from darkness into light.
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Six Easy Steps to Leading the Transformational Workshop Teens Want to Attend

Earn a Leader's Income By Helping Others

Earn a Leader's Income By Helping Others Quickly and efficiently set up a workshop to help students move from darkness into light.

  • Get certified as a Dream Up Now Leader through a two-hour LIVE webinar

  • Set your own workshop tuition cost per student.

  • Receive a FREE Leader Kit including all the tools to lead with ease

  • Invite your students to make art and GROW.

By Establishing a Six-week Dream Up Now Workshop, You Will:

  • Change your teen community’s mindset for the better.

  • Drive consistency in social-emotional programming

  • Lead with ease

You matter.

Now is the time to change your teen community’s mindset for the better.

The Dream Up Now journal offers a fun and cost-effective solution to managing fluctuating teen emotions while supporting positive mental health. Our online course, Six Easy Steps to Leading the Transformational Workshop Teens Want to Attend is available now and is entirely self-paced. Our Certification process is efficient, empowering, and straight-forward to for experienced leaders like you and can be completed online. You matter, and as a Certified Leader, you will have access to ongoing coaching and support from authors Rayne Lacko and Lesley Holmes, and the Dream Up Now team.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module One: Why Dream Up Now™, Now?

    • Module One: Why Dream Up Now™, Now?

    • Module 1.1 - How Dream Up Now™ Works

    • Module 1.2 - The Power of Making Art to Express Emotions

    • Module 1.3 - Do Teens Really Want to Attend an Arts-based, Social-Emotional Workshop?

    • Module 1.4 Implement and Share

  • 2

    Module Two: Organizing a One-day Pop-up Camp

    • Module Two: Organizing a One-day Pop-up Camp

    • Module 2.1 - How to Organize a Standalone Workshop

    • Module 2.2 - How to Organize A Three-Hour Pop-Up Camp

    • Module 2.3 - The Big Idea

    • Module 2.4 - Implement and Share

  • 3

    Module Three: The Workshop Ingredient That Changes Lives

    • Module Three: The Workshop Ingredient That Changes Lives

    • Module 3.1 - What is Circle Time

    • Module 3.2 - Circle Time Guide: The Mindset Shift

    • EMOTE Feedback Method Blueprint for creating feedback that inspires and motivates.

    • Module 3.3 - Your Feedback Sets the Tone

    • Module 3.4 - Implement and Share

  • 4

    Module Four: Organizing a Customized Six-Week Workshop

    • Module Four: Organizing a Customized Six-Week Workshop

    • Module 4.1 - Make a Plan For Success

    • Module 4.2 - Key Observations for Leaders

    • Module 4.3 - Tell Your Own Artist Story

    • Module 4.4 Implement and Share

  • 5

    Module Five: How to Move from Darkness into Light

    • Module Five - How to Move from Darkness into Light

    • Module 5.1 - We Are What We Repeatedly Do — For Better Or Worse

    • Module 5.2 - Self-Care

    • Module 5.3 - Create a Customized Self-Care Pentagon

    • Module 5.4 - Implement and Share

    • Customized Self Care Pentagon

  • 6

    Module Six: Master Your Workshop for Ongoing Service and Greatness

    • Module Six - Master Your Workshop for Ongoing Service and Greatness

    • Module 6.1 - Getting Started and Building Community

    • Module 6.2 - An Overview of All the Emotions Sets, Bonus Pages and Resources

    • Module 6.3 - Create Your Workshop Blueprint

  • 7


    • Resources

  • 8


    • Free Dream Up Now Journal Excerpts

  • 9

    Licensing Agreement Documents

    • Licensing Agreement

    • Caring for youth Agreement to report abuse or harm

Do you feel the world is ready for real change?

You're ready to lead.

There’s a lot of conflicting and, unfortunately, time-consuming programs out there about social-emotional learning — a lot of folks are using cheap cut-and-paste templates. And asking for you to volunteer hours of your time. Not to mention how massively overwhelming it can be to figure out how to run a business in this chaotic, unpredictable world. We have a proven, fun, creative, and emotionally beneficial program being used by teachers, parents, counselors and librarians. Get certified, and begin earning an income creating real change, and bettering the lives of young people.

A message from Lauryn J. Hunter

Award-winning art therapist

"As an art therapist working with teens, I integrate art, music, and dance to help release tension or stress in the body. A creative outlet can be a safe and easy way to open a conversation and learn more about a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 

Feelings related to fear and stress may cause a person to feel physically sick, depressed, or anxious. Social media and cyberbullying can cause many teens to feel pressure to be or act a certain way. It is natural to struggle with the concept of Who am I in this big world? What a teen sees and experiences at home, at school, and in their community impacts their personal identity, self-esteem, and social skills.

Dream Up Now can provide huge relief for anyone struggling with their feelings and thoughts. Through the guided activities, you'll show young people that it’s perfectly normal to have more than one feeling at a time. These activities can even help them find ways to improve their grades, friendships, and self-image.

 This journal is a great way to build self-awareness by keeping track of  feelings and how negative or positive feelings impact  behavior. 

What makes Dream Up Now unique is its collaborative approach. Trustworthy, caring adults who have found success through their own creativity have provided tools and activities to help teens figure out what’s going on and to express it safely.

By journaling, drawing, listening to music, and putting pen to paper, you’ll show young people  how to practice self-care, and self-regulate in the moment. The activities ignite self-awareness, helping teens realize that they are a part of a greater community, and they are not alone. You can make a difference when you  become a community leader. 

BTW: My favorite message throughout Dream Up Now is this: there is no “wrong” way to be creative. As long as you allow yourself to try, to experience the process, you will feel better."


Dream up now is a women-owned and operated organization featuring safe, inclusive programs for all persons.


Rayne Lacko

Rayne Lacko is a Young Adult author and advocate for the arts as a form of social and emotional well-being. Cohost of a youth creative workshop, an annual writing camp, and a teen arts showcase, she inspires teens and their families to use creativity—through writing, art, and music—to stimulate positive change in the world. Rayne lives near Seattle, Washington.


Lesley Holmes

Lesley Holmes contributes her expertise to several educational and arts nonprofits benefitting children, teens, and older adults in and around Los Angeles. Her work promotes alternative therapies, music education, literacy, and food as a pathway to healing. A lifelong chef and baker, Lesley is a Los Angeles native who enjoys early morning hikes in the Hollywood Hills where she lives with her two teenage daughters.

Invest in you.

Managing emotions is a lifelong journey, and we hope this course empowers you—a parent, teacher, librarian, or counselor—to gain an increased awareness of your own emotions to confidently lead students in grades 7 through 12 to improve social-emotional and self-discovery skills using Dream Up Now.

Creating change begins with creativity

“Dream Up Now is a great tool for encouraging teens to really think through their emotions, breaking down their responses to a wide variety of emotions and processing them creatively – through writing, drawing, music, reflection, planning and more.” - Christie Burnett,